My Lv Mirror Help Please :(

  1. I Was Just Reviewing my Lv Collection And Decided To take my mirror pochette out of its box (for the first time since I bought it at Bond St At xmas!!

    I was horrified when as i pulled the Strap up it left this awful like glue tea cup stain mark!!

    I know its not been anyone else or myself as the strap was pretty much stuck to the bag!!
    Why has this happened???
    Me and My Mother Tried to gently rub it off with a cloth But it seems to be pretty Stubborn

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  2. Sorry about the damage to your Miroir pochette. Hope you're be able get it the stain out!

    Btw... Love your Cavs!:flowers:
  3. OK help is here. Do not fret. I have experienced it b4. Dont ask me how.

    I actually used my finger and a little bit of water to rub it off. Yes it is actually glue and not scratch marks. Gently use your fingers to rub it (make sure you do not use your nails) towards a direction. Keep repreating. You will see that it slowly comes off. Using your fingers is better than cloth. Trust me.

    Let us know what happens. :smile:
  4. For future reference, it's good to store the bag with the strap inside the pochette. I detach one end, stick it inside the pochette, and zip the zipper as far as it'd go with the strap halfway inside. This prevents it from damaging the bag.
  5. Yikes!!! Sorry to hear this happened to your cute pouchette!

    I hope you can get it off. ;)
  6. Good luck getting it off! And follow Karman's advice and take the strap off when you store it. :yes:
  7. Thanks Everyone I will Try :smile:
  8. Good luck with trying to get it off :smile:
  9. Follow what mercx5 and Karman said it looks bad but it does come off an SA even used the technique in store when I wasn't going to buy one because it had a scratch so yes it will come off it just needs buffing
  10. Hopefully it comes off, you must feel horrible :sad:
  11. You know..that happened to me as well...some sticky glue gunk on the handle of my speedy. I think it may be caused by heat...keeping the bag stored. I think we'll just have to let the bag breath every once in a while. I too had the bag stored in the dust cloth and box for months and when I took her out this week she felt sort of sticky...immediately I realized it's because of the material and just the heat from being locked in. After having her out in the living room for a couple of days she no longer feels this way, but I do have to clean the gunk off the handle. Thanks for the tip..I will try it this evening.
  12. DON'T PANIC!! :smile:

    Same thing happened when I got mine. It is glue, and it will come off.

    Only thing is, beware what you wipe it with, as you have to make sure you don't scratch it when you're wiping it off.

    Using my finger didn't work for me, I ended up using cotton wool and a tiny bit of ph balanced Johnson's cleanser!! *disclaimer* It worked for me, but PLEASE be very careful.

    As Karman says, I store mine face down, with the strap outside the dust bag, so the strap doesn't come in contact with the bag.

    Good luck!

  13. Same thing happened to my miroir speedy as Diva Divina said. Seems to be glue...