My LV inclusion Bracelet GM is here !!!

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  1. Just got it in the mail..

    Wooohooooo:yahoo: It's pretty. I was concerned about the size before I got it. I took some pics including the pics of my wrist and hand with measuring tape. My wrist is around 5.76" and when my palm open is about 8"
    DSC04032a.JPG DSC04028a.JPG DSC04086a.JPG DSC04089a.JPG DSC04090a.JPG DSC04091a.JPG DSC04092a.JPG
  2. nice visuals! it looks great on your wrist!
  3. I'm loving these more and more! beautiful piece and looks so pretty on you with your ring.
  4. I love that bracelet and it looks so good on you
  5. Thank you ladies..I've been on and off thinking about it...finally just it I have to have it before too late.
  6. Thanks for all of the helpful pics!!
  7. I hope the pics will help others :biggrin: to buy
  8. Love it! It looks gorgeous on you! You made a great choice, congrats!
  9. Just GORGEOUS!!!:nuts: LOVE IT!!!:love:
  10. SO pretty!!!!! I haven't taken mine off yet! You're gonna LOVE it!!!
  11. Very nice, I love it!
  12. gorgeous bracelet. if you dont mind my asking how much are they?
  13. :heart: Loves it!:heart:

  14. Very pretty on you, congratulations!!
  15. Looks great on you!!!!!!!
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