MY LV&Co Family Portrait

  1. Here's my lovely collection of bags I've collected. This is my 2002-2006 collection. I travel a LOT and these bags have certain memories in them.They have been all over the world and my newest..the LV Ouvea Keepall, which arrived yesterday, will join me on my Voyage to Asia in the Fall 2006. I LOVE THEM ALL.
    P1010143e labeled.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing...gorgeous collections !
  3. I'd DIE for a black Multicolore Keepall!!!!!
  4. What a gorgeous collection!
  5. Fabulase collection.
  6. GREAT COLLECTION!!! Thank you for sharing!:love:
  7. Thanks everyone!

    LV Addict..IS that you on your Avatar? If it look like a MODEL!
  8. Very cute, awesome collection !
  9. Beautiful collection!
  10. Gorgeouse'!!
  11. Nice collection!

    What is a "Reporter"? I don't think I ever saw that one.
  12. beautiful collection.
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Beautiful family of purses!