:( My luco sucks

  1. I don't like it..it's too wide, too stiff and the strap falls off my shoulder (but doesn't on my boyfriend with his skinny little self!)

    To love something one day and hate it the next..:crybaby:

    there are totes that aren't so stiff right? Please tell me that there is!
  2. sorry for not liking it :sad: it sucks doesnt it! i just bought a pochette this week and i hate it! its going back because i cant even stand to get it out the box i dislike it that much!

  3. the worst part is that if I send it back that's shipping both ways lost and 15% re-stocking fee

    I am SO mad at let-trade..they purposly left out a picture of a stain on the underside of a strap...this is not a stain they could have missed it is HUUUUUUGE...I am going to take a pic later tonight

    I'm not too sure about let-trade anymore..that's slimy to me to do that. That stain is not something they missed, they left it out on purpose.

  4. Oh, that's too bad, maybe if you show them pics of the stain they will weive restocking fee?
  5. Yea..if they left out the stain see if you can get them to waive the restocking fee -let them know, you just bought 2 purses and you planned on buying more but you are concerned by the stain and wish to have the rstocking fee waived...otherwise, give it to someone else who would like it in your family...that's what I do when I no longer like something - I give everything to my sister!!!
  6. maybe you can try the cabas mezzo or batignolles horizontal. i don't think those are as stiff. :yes:
  7. Or the Cabas Piano? :shrugs:
  8. Don't worry about the 15%. I returned to let-trade before and they only ended up charging me the shipping fee plus $30. I'd be surprised if they give you trouble.
  9. [​IMG]

    Is the stain on the right strap the one you are referring too? I can see it if I enlarge the photo from the listing.

    Also, bag is suppose to be sturdy like my Looping GM. Where as my Batginolles Horizontal is rather loose and roomy.....sorry, but I love the purse you bought!!! It's so cute!!!

    Shoulder strap problems - solution, this is what the SA told me - instead of placing the strap closest to you over your shoulder 1st, flip it so that the strap further away is first and then the one closet - do that and you won't have problems anymore!! It works, it worked for my BH!
  10. aww sorry it's not working out for you.
    luco is one of my favorite bags... never had a strap falling problem :sad:
  11. im so sorry!
  12. could you sell it on eBay or in the marketplace instead of returning it and losing money?

  13. Yea....but she's new and only signed up last month - doesn't meet all the requirements, unless they have changed? I don't think I have even been around long enough to join the marketplace section, I been around since October '06 - can't remember how long you need to be active on the board?

    I checked and here are the requirements, I have another month or so to wait...


    You must be at least 18 years of age.

    The Marketplaza is not automatically accessible to members with a certain post count or time of membership. Invites to the Marketplaza are given out on an individual basis upon review of an application.

    Each member interested in selling or buying on tPF's MP is required to submit an application via
    Private Message. Instructions are posted below.

    You need to have been a member on tPF for at least 5 months and have contributed actively to the community with genuine interest (500+ posts minimum). Please note that this requirement has been increased as of 01/02/2007.

    The MP is a privilege, not a right. We are looking for people who will seamlessly conduct transactions, in an honest and timely manner
  14. I hear LT is great to work with, so I would give him a chance to make it right. If you point out the stain perhaps he would waive the restocking fee?
  15. Sorry to hear that! I liked this bag when seeing holly carry it on 'the girls next door', lol.