My lucky boy reveal~~

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    I am so happy to share my lucky find with you. I started to fall in love with this beauty when "missthang" shared her new purchase in March under the post title "oh BOY! New instant REVEAL!! ". Then in April "bluekit" shared her new red boy under the post title " My "Bold" purchase!~~ ". I fell in love with the beauty again. :love:
    However, it was totally sold out in Canada. While I almost gave up, I was so lucky to meet her during my vacation in Asia. I have to bring her home even though I said I may be done with Chanel in my previous post.:p
  2. My new reveal.
  3. Any one here?
  4. Congrats! Open quick.... :smile:
  5. So excited.
  6. I m here to share your joy!!!
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    Let me introduce my small red boy with antique gold hardware. I love the original lock so much.
    DSC07784.JPG DSC07786.JPG DSC07787.JPG DSC07791.JPG DSC07793.JPG
  8. Here comes my Chanel red family.
    Small boy and wallet on chain.
    DSC07797.JPG DSC07799.JPG
  9. Size comparison with my 2 holes silver new mini flap.
    DSC07803.JPG DSC07801.JPG
  10. Congrats. It's lovely. How I wish I own one now.
  11. Congrats it's a lovely shade of red!
  12. Yaaaay, congrats!! I still haven't taken my medium black boy out yet, waiting for somewhere fabulous to go to first :p
  13. Beautiful :heart:
  14. Beautiful BOY :smile:
    Love the shade of red against GHW!
  15. Thank you so much.:smile: