My Loves

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is my tiny collection.
    Enjoy! :smile:
  2. wow!!! Congrats! I love the Damier pieces... and that MC speedy is TDF!
  3. Love your Duomo such a fab bag!
    and wow that croisette is huge!
    :heart: enjoy them :smile:
  4. thanks :smile:
    also waiting on a chanel GST black w/silver to come in!
  5. HOT! Can't wait to see it
  6. WOW! LOVE your Duomo! :nuts: Such a fab collection! Thx for sharing!
  7. thanks
  8. great collection, thanks!
  9. thanks leema183 ;)
  10. Oh! I love that LV on the top left, is that pattern called Minilin? what is the style name?gorgeous!!
  11. Speedy MC is very lovely!!!!!!!
  12. Definately not tiny!
    Great collection, love your multicolored LV!
  13. Excellent collection!
    I love the pink Gucci belt bag!
  14. Very classy, you have such a good taste. I like it!!!
  15. Beutiful collection- love the Croisette!