My loveable valentine's gift

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  1. Not 100% coach related but wanted to share. Anyone around?
  2. Heeerrre!!
  3. let's see
  4. Me, me, me!
  5. yep!
  6. me!
  7. LOL!!! any guesses?
  8. Awe!!
  9. Sooo cute!
  10. Herr she is!!!
    Sadie our 6 month old american bulldog!!! Huuby brought her home for me and the kids on vday. And he ordered the collar which came today!! Its so cute. Magenta leather with brass turnlocks all around and a brass legacy medallion.
    Sadie is so sweet and loveable and potty trained!!!
  11. Here are a few more pics. She looks like a big princess with her coach collar. Her name tag is on a heart with pink rhinestones too!
  12. Awww, too cute!
  13. AIIEE! I want to squish!! SO CUTE! She's adorable!
  14. What a pretty puppy!!! Love her collar too!
  15. THanks ladies. Shes sooo huge!!! But acts like a tiny little lap dog.