my love-laye new miu miu!

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  1. i'm a balenciaga girl through and through but when i saw the COLOR of this miu miu, i JUST had to get it because it was in my favorite color :heart: it's so bright and eye catching!

    want to take a guess at what it is?
  2. nevermind i can't wait i want to share the pics with you guys!

    here she is :heart::heart::heart:

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  3. celafusion: SHE'S A BEAUTY!!!!!!! I love your bow satchel! Welcome to the fam!!! Did you order it from the Beverly Hills store? CONGRATS!!! :wlae:
  4. How pretty! It's definitely gives the bow a different edge - I like it! Congrats!
  5. OMG! i love it!! coz purple is my fav color!!
  6. wow, i've never seen the bow bag in this color! i think it's sweet!
    i've been meaning to get another bow bag.. where did you purchase it?
    this is such a lovely bag, congrats! (:
  7. thanks everyone (: i got it at the singapore store while on vacation. i literally felt it calling out to me when i was at the store! haha. more pics to come!
  8. Wow, is that a new colour for the Bow? Looks great!
  9. i love the bow and this colour!!! congrats celafusion!!
    i saw this bag when i was in nyc during the holiday but i already have the sapphire city. did u see the patent bow??? it was gorgeous too
    i was holding it and didn't want to let go :sad:
  10. what a beauty!!
  11. The colour is just amazing. I love your taste in bags
  12. Wow gorgeous color. I love purple.
  13. I'm a Balenciaga girl too:P,but I love miu miu,and your new baby is amazing,that colour is fab!

  14. Gorgeous bag!!!!! The bow bag is very known here :smile:

    Congrats! & I can tell from the color of your choice that your a B-Bag gal :smile:
  15. do they still carry the bow bag this season?