my love affair...

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  1. with LV has to stop for awhile...not meaning i'm not going to visit this forum..but i will try to keep it low...after getting my dream bag (Belem pm:heart:), and the fact that i have to submit my thesis in a month's time (I AM AIMING TO GRADUATE IN DECEMBER:yahoo:), i gotta make sure that my degree comes first!!!

    posts will be slow...i will miss u all :crybaby:...feel freel to PM me anytime to say hi...and.....................KEEP THOSE BAGS ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!

    when i come bck...i hope to get an epi item...speedy maybe? am looking out for epi vanilla or lilac speedy.......drop me a PM if u do see one, thanks!! :cutesy:
  2. Awww, we'll miss you, but your education is very important. Good luck, get high marks & come back when you can.
  3. have to be strong...LV is s:huh:Oo addicting..but taco's first and purses later!! good luck with your graduation!
  4. Awwww my queen of the damier I will miss you!

    Good luck with the thesis!!!
  5. We will miss you! But your education cmes first! Tomorrow I have to sign out, since I have to study for a big test too! Drop by and say hi!
  6. :graucho:

  7. good luck! can't wait till you come back!:sad:
  8. Hate to see you go. I've always enjoyed reading your posts, but I agree with the others school comes first. Good luck!
  9. :sad: I'll miss you but of course study always comes 1st:yes: .Good luck!

    P.S. I'll pm you if I see any great Epi deals:graucho:
  10. Bye Rensky, we'll miss you!!
    Come back soon, and good luck with school!
  11. Rensky, keep up the good work! I know it's hard, but it's worth getting done early.

    I got my MS in 91 from Villanova. Instead of a thesis, we had to do a group Research Paper for our 3 semester Research Class.
  12. Reksky.. goodluck dear!
  13. Study hard, check in when you can. It will be worth it in the end! Good Luck!:yes:
  14. Good luck. Don't worry, we'll still be here for you when you come back.
  15. bye we really love your posts....keep in touch
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