my long forgotten pics of unveiling damier speedy 25~~~

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  1. here they are :yahoo: ~~~will post pics of the mini noe, white MC wapity and damier ipanema soon!!!:wlae::lol::lol:
    speedy.jpg speedy1.jpg speedy2.jpg speedy3.jpg
  2. Aww that's nice Rensky it looks good on you too, loving those capris you got on.
  3. thanks!!!! :biggrin: i've been using the bag everyday since i got it...and i've also been wearing these pair of capris like 4 times a week (don't worry i do wash them) since i got them!!!! they make my legs look WAAAAAY slimmer
  4. that's really cute on you!! Great buy!!!
  5. It looks great on you! Congrats!
  6. Looks FAB!!! I LOVE it!!!:nuts:
  7. :nuts: Congrats baby! Nice pics and looks great on you...more to come:graucho: ???:P
  8. more to come...totally :biggrin:
  9. Great bag!
    Oh man, everytime I see another PFer with the damier speedy 25 it just makes me WANT IT MORE!
  10. get it get it! u won't regret, i swear!
  11. love :heart::heart: the damier speedy 25! it's so great!
    and it looks great on you ;)
  12. It looks great on you! That's it, I need to get a Damier Speedy 25.:yes:
  13. Hot bag! Congrats!
  14. Congrats, looks great on you:yes:
  15. thanks!!