My little shopping spree...

  1. Hey guys!

    I was just out shopping today and wanted to come and show you what I got!! I went a little over my budget but I can justify just about everything I bought lol.

    From Nordie's:

    -Shiseido The Skincare
    -Fekkai's Glossing Cream

    From Sephora:

    -Philosophy Blotting Papers
    -Tarte Gel Blush in Flush
    -Shiseido Lip Gloss
    -Nars Highliter in Albatross
    -Smashbox eyeshadow in Champagne
    -Lorac Tinted Moisturizer in In the Buff
    -Shiseido Eyelash Curler Refills
    -Sephora Double Mirror

    Was I bad? What do you think?
    nordies.jpg sephoras.jpg
  2. i think u got some awesome stuff! love tarte cheek gels! they're wonderful!
  3. heck no thats not bad at all! been there too girl. hows the nars highlighter? always wanted to know
  4. u picked up some nice stuff! Im going to ask as well..How is the nars hlighlighter?
  5. LOL Thanks y'all! Snow White and noon: The Nars highliter is simply heaven sent! It looks yellowish on the compact, but once you put it on it's the subtlest, most flattering shimmer! I was torn between the Albatross and another shimmery pink colour they had, but since I already wear blush underneath I though it'd be best to keep it simple.

    You've got to try Shiseido's lipgloss. It's fantastic! This colour (G27) rocks. Thanks for your comments!
  6. i have fekkai's glossing cream i simply love it!