My little Princess in dior boutique

  1. HI girls ,, this is a picture for my daughter last summer in Dior boutique . She insisted on wearing that boot ...
    and they help her to wear it

    Cute Princess :hysteric:


  2. hahaha how cute!!!:tup: Love the SA's for being so nice! :smile: Thanks for sharing the pics!!!
  3. well i must say she has good taste =)

    props to the SAs for being patient and nice
  4. aaaaw adorable ! :heart:
  5. ooh I spot some jeanne pumps... :drool:

    btw cute girls
  6. I love those boots, can't believe the SAs would indulge your little princess like that, very nice of them.
  7. Awww, she's so cute!
  8. She's gonna grow up to be a Dior addict!!!
  9. Cute cute.
  10. If she alrwady has such an excellent taste, wait until she grows up a little - she'll spend all your money for Dior :lol::woohoo:
  11. ya they were more than nice cause she run with the boot all over the boutique

    thanx 4 coming
  12. she has good taste and she refus to wear what i chose 4 her . she is confident girl
  13. me 2 cant believe .but they were more than patient with her

    thanx 4 coming

  14. thanx alot