My little prince arrived!

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  1. He's so cute!!

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  2. Awe have you kissed him yet? I would. Ha Ha
  3. awww! He's sooo cute! Definitely give him a smooch!
  4. Aww....Congrats on your little prince! He is a cutie!
  5. Awww..... Congratulations!!! He's sooo cute!!!!
  6. Aww, he's cute.
  7. Super cute!
  8. very cute, congrats!
  9. Very cute. I'm starting to think I need me some accessories after seeing everyone's this morning!
  10. How adorable. A perfect prince.... So hope you give him a kiss

    Congrats :balloon:
  11. Very adorable!!!
  12. I want one of these so bad.....
    Just cant bring myself to fork out $58 for him though!

  13. awww!
  14. aww so cute!
  15. Ribbit Ribbit. Love that little froggy prince!