My little piggies are in shock!!

  1. Fed ex just delivered my very first pair of designer shoes!! I hate my feet and have never wanted to spend much money on them! But my chanel addiction is spreading to shoes!:graucho: I love casual shoes and wanted my first pair to be something that I will wear all the time. This could be opening up a whole new shopping can of worms for me- I see a pair of LV thong sandals in my near future!:lol:
    purses 020.jpg purses 022.jpg
  2. Those are really cute....I am sure you will get tons of wear out of them!!
  3. Cute, cute, cute!!
  4. Love them!!!!
    Your piggies are going to be very happy!!
  5. They are fab! congrats!

    Just a thought, but if hate your toes, have to tried having a regular pedicure? like every two weeks? I hated my feet too, but since I started having pedicures (& soaking my feet regularly at home & moisturising them daily) they have improved sooooo much in appearance! It really make a huge difference! now I can't wait for the summer months to show off my pretty pinkies in fabulous strappy shoes!
  6. I LOVE the shoes! You will get tons of use out of them. At the end of the season these shoes won't owe you any money! By that I mean you will be wearing every penny out of them. They are not too "trendy" and you will be happy everytime you wear them.
  7. cute
  8. In the summer I keep my feet pedicured-I would never show them with out polish on my toes! I just think they look like cinder blocks!!:lol: Kinda wide!! But not enough to wear a wide shoe. I also have more of a cankle than a slim pretty ankle!! Boy-I sound like a beast!!!:roflmfao:
  9. Great comfy-looking shoes! I hate my feet too...usually throw them in flip flops all summer...only thing that fits my fat feet lol
  10. oh i love your shoes! how much are they if you don't mind me asking?
  11. same question.
  12. No problem! They were $325. I wore them sunday and they are really comfy!