My little LV collection...lookie lookie!

  1. It's small, but I love it! Im not so much into the the monogram LV, but I looove the damier pattern.

    Is Dallas the only area not getting any of the Etoile bandeaus? I've called all three LV's around me and no one has them...:hysteric:....i hoping to find it up in NYC, i'll be going next week, crossing fingers!

    Added my other handbag pis just a handbag junkie in general. i love them all, i don't discriminate!



  2. wow what a beautiful collection! can i see a close up of the heatstamp on your speedy? that's cool!

    and i have to say i'm so happy to see someone else giving the kate spade some love. people don't give her enough love any more!
  3. Beautiful collection, may it grow and grow!
  4. Great collection fellow Texan!:smile:
  5. I LOVE kate spade! Im hunting down the messenger on eBay in the same pattern. i love the pink dot noel! i'd like try and find an orange travis in the dot noel pattern too!
  6. Very nice collection!
  7. lucky you... fantastic collection! you're just down the road from me!
  8. i have a red dot noel wallet and a black dot noel bag. i sold a pink dot noel bag on eBay before....
  9. Great Collection. Thanks for sharing pics.:smile:
  10. very nice...not so little ;)
  11. Great collection!
  12. Really lovely collection. I'm a big fan of the Damier as well, and your set shines! Love your heat stamp.
    And I'm so jealous of your Coach Dot Tote. I've always regretted not getting that.
    Great Bags!
  13. Great collection - someone really loves Damier!! ;)
  14. we need a dallas area LV meet!
  15. thanks!! i went heatstamp crazy, all of those wallets have my initials in them. the dot tote is great in the summer, matches everything!