My little Lilly and her Chewy Vuitton

  1. I was changing our bed sheets today and little Lilly was in the middle of the bed with her new purse. SO CUTE!
    pics 566.jpg
  2. OMG Lily has a purse. that is TOO cute!!!!! :flowers::cutesy:
  3. LOL too cute!
  4. Too cute!!!!
  5. Lilly is gorgeous!
  6. awww that is so cute !! I will have to get my dog a manbag LOL
  7. OMG....Sunshine,
    your doggie has an LV !!!!
    too adorable !!!!
  8. Serioulsy...she LOVES IT!!! She sleeps with it even!!
    pics 567.jpg
  9. That is way too cute! May I ask where you got it?
  10. Oh my gosh ... the pic of her sleeping with it was TOO cute! :smile:
  11. You know what?? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! lol I am a huge internet shopper and order things constantly. Things show up that I do not even remember ordering and this is one of them! There was not a invoice in the box so I can not remember! I will see if there was a return addy and report back.
  12. Its called the Ritzy is a pic of her CHUICY as well (juicy) she like chewy louis better! HA!
    pics 568.jpg
  13. awwww so cute!
  14. She's adorable!
  15. Thanks! I will definately have to get one for my Shih Tzu!