My little birthday goodies!

  1. I turned 24 today..yay! :yahoo: My SO was really sweet...he took me out for sushi at one of my fave resturants. He also bought me a dozen red roses, cute Coach purse, Coach key ring to match my other Coach, and Will & Grace season 6 ( my fave sitcom ). He tricked me in putting the purse in a box with a heavy bowl in it so I would have no idea what it was. He also bought me a mini chocolate covered cheesecake...he's a sweetheart. :heart:
    flowersngifts1.JPG gifts1.JPG cheesecake1.JPG mmmmm.JPG
  2. How sweet, and thoughtful!! Congratulations, and happy belated bday!!
  3. Thanks!!
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. Awww! How cute!!! Happy belated Birthday btw......and cute Coach bag and keyfob!
  6. Aww that's awesome, happy belated bday
  7. Awww such a sweet SO - Happy Birthday
  8. Very very sweet... love your goodies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  9. Happy Birthday!!

    What a good SO!!!!
  10. Happy birthday! What a lovely BF!
  11. Happy late Birthday! I need a chocolate covered cheesecake...right now.
  12. Happy birthday. Your SO sounds like a keeper!
  13. Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Happy Birthday! Those roses are REAL pretty and that cake looks yummy!
  15. Aww, how sweet!! Happy birthday!! :smile: