My listing was removed.

  1. I was informed yesterday that my "first" listing (for Theory Trench Coat) was removed due to possible theft of item description or pictures.

    I've taken pictures myself and the item description was from

    At first, I thought that another seller who was selleing the same item (but different color) reported me because s/he also had very similar item description (probably from Neiman Marcus site too?).

    I appealed yesterday and today got a response from eBay.
    The response reads that the lsting was removed not due to item description but due to similar shipping and payment methods of some listing a month ago which I don't even know of.

    In my listing, I simply wrote that

    1. I accept paypal only and the payment must be made within 24 hours after winning.

    2. A bidders with negative feedback or zero feedback must contact me prior to bidding otherwise the bidding will be canceled automatically.

    3. No international bidders.

    4. Shipping will be through ups ground only. Insurance is not required but strongly recommened as I am not responsible for any lost or damaged delivery.

    Does it mean that I am not allowed to use these policies? My first trial with eBay as seller is completely ruined thanks to this.
    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. your TC seems pretty ordinary to me. IMO, unless yours has got EXACTLY the same description as the other listing, it shouldn't have been removed.
    search your item with 'completed listings' option selected and look whether if there's same item it was on sale. probably the seller of that item has reported you.
    sorry to hear this happend to you especially when it was your first experience as a seller.
  3. The description was not EXACTLY the same as another seller's but very similar. I've simply copied and pasted item description from Is copying description from open sites like etc also prohibited? (I don't think so but any confirmation please?)

    I provided a link to in my appeal to eBay and Ebay confirmed that item description was not a problem but shipping and payment polices were the problem. I found it ridiculous because there are tons of listings with exactly the same shipping and payment policies.

    I've already appealed again and am waiting for the response. The problem is that they do not have phone numbers and live chat doesn't help these issues. So for every email inquiry, I have to wait 24 hours.

    I already paid listing fee and now I have to pay another listing fee (and my precious time) for relisting.