my listing was removed...

  1. this happened weeks ago but i thought i'd share my story with u guys.

    i had this gucci bag listed for sale with a starting price n a BIN price. it was suppose to end on a sunday morning so i got up n check. guess what??? it was REMOVED. i got this email from eBay saying it was removed "due to unauthorized bidding activity". which means, someone clicked BIN button without the eBay id's owner's permission. so that my listing was pulled??? eBay's excuse is "to avoid further charges". i was furious coz they wasted my auction time. i was raising funds for a new bag!! and the worse thing is, i dont even have a relist button, it just fully disappeared, which means, have to re-write and re-upload the pics. i tried to speak to a ebay live help rep to see what the hell is going on with this buyer, n the advice i got was try not to put a BIN price on designer items. yeah great help. and now i prob look fraudulent to my watchers.

    i really started to wonder if this "unauthorized bidding activity" is a loop hole for non-paying bidders to get away from strikes? something tells me that the buyer changed his/her mind so they decided to fake it. :girlsigh: i so wanna write to the the buyer saying u owe me an apology. but what if they are a victim as well? then i just look like a joke.

    does anyone have a similar story?
  2. I think this happens pretty often, where hijacked accounts are used to BIN on many auctions. You should use immediate payment required if you use buy now.
  3. thank u emald. your advice is more useful than "dont use buy it now option" from the ebay rep. i guess im just not experienced enough.
  4. I had same experience, i hated that!!! I had to rewrite everything and re-upload pictures!!!! And wait for another few days to sell the item!
  5. Yup, me too! Exact same scenario, got up in the morning on the last day of the auction and poof! Gone!!

    Luckily my sister was in town, saw the bag, and bought it from me!
  6. If you use auctiva to create your listings, you can save them, and them just re-upload if this should happen. then you don't have to re-write everything.