My lil Coach Valetine's/B-Day gift!

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  1. My birthday just happens to be on Valentine's Day, and so my hubby usually plans lots of awesome things for me! No bag for me, but I'm actually totally in love my with my fuchsia croc peyton tote, I've been carrying her exclusively since I got her! So my birthday/Valentine's day gift this year was a pair of Tiffany's pearl earrings and the Coach Bow ring. And I get to see Bobby Lee from Mad TV Tomorrow night! Woohoo!! Here's my pretty new ring!!

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  2. sooo cute!! I have been wanting a bow ring myself!! Congrats what a great hubby you have!!!
  3. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday to you! :drinks:
  5. Happy birthday to you and your ring is sooo cute..and i love tiffany too...
  6. how cute, I want the bow necklace from Tiffany's. Coach rings dont come small enough for me :sad:
  7. Happy happy B-Day to you!! :smile: Love your ring!! :smile:
  8. Well Happy Birthday and your presents are terrific!!!!!:smile:
  9. :Partyhat: happy birthday and congratulations on such a cute gift to yourself!!
  10. Happy Birthday! Great ring!
  11. congrats!!
  12. Happy Birthday!!! Love the ring and I'm sure the Tiffany earrings are gorgeous! Have fun tonight!
  13. Very Cute Ring!!!!

    Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Congrats and enjoy your day!!!!!
    Congrats also on the Fuschia Croc Peyton!!!! yea!!

    Lynne :balloon:
  14. Happy Birthday! :Partyhat: Your ring is beautiful, as I'm sure the Tiffany earrings are!
  15. Happy birthday!! Great gifts!!