My leg fell asleep

  1. I've been sitting on my leg and it fell asleep. my foot has a million needles in it. any home remedeis to make it go away>?
  2. More wine??
  3. wheres the bag photo? you scammer.
  4. Try pumping your foot on the ground like you were driving a car and pressing the gas pedal. It really works!
  5. poor lag has alcohol poisining
    I blame Paula
  6. Just pay pal me first....then i will show you. Oh and the price just went up to $800.00. Pay up Beeeooottccchhhh!!
  7. Raise a glass to Vlad...... solver of problems.
    that gas pedal foot thing really works.
  8. Vlad you are a wizard! its going away! or is it the wine?
  9. $800? what do I look liek? I just fell off the turnip boat? I'll give you ONE THOUSAND and not one penny less!
  10. Hey, thanks for the tip! I've never heard of that one before. I usually just limp around the house until it wears off.:rolleyes:
  11. LOL your killing me tonight. You have to read all your posts in the AM when you sober up you are going to laugh your ass off!!

    Irma your nuts!
  12. SH**. I dont' even whant to think about tomorrow.
  13. Oh my...Do you have to work? That should be interesting with all of the animals...
  14. oh noooo! I would never drink on a school nitght. the animals get 1100% of me.

    Sometimes I think it is fun to walk on a sleeping leg... it makes life a bit more challenging but fun nonetheless

    What has been the drink of choice tonight??? :graucho: