My latest shoe haul *pics*

  1. I still have to post all my shoe pics for the spring/summer. But these are my latest a couple were on sale. The blue prada bag is new (and was on sale too!):

  2. All gorgeous, congrats! I especially like the wedges, they're really nice.:nuts:
  3. Lovelies, congratulations! Huge haul!
  4. Oooo yummy, what did the silver ones sell for?
  5. Nice selection.
  6. Gorgeous!!
  7. really loving the wedges!
  8. I love the wedges too!!
  9. Ooooo what a haul! Lovely.
  10. Nice haul! Congrats on everything it is all beautiful you have excellent taste!
  11. i knew when I saw it was you that we would be in for a nice treat..... as always love your shoe choices, maxter!

    I am a total fan of the CL sandals - both flat ones. IMO, you can never have enough flat shoes/sandals etc.. great shoes, congrats.
  12. Thank you everyone for your nice compliments. The brown C. Louboutin look kind of "granola-ish" when you see them at first but they look fabulous on your feet! I was very surprised. I have a great bag they will go with too!! Those were full price.

    I will check the others.

    I'm not sure about the denim CL espadrilles. What would you wear them with - anything EXCEPT denim?
  13. how much were the CL brown flats and the PRADA bag? those are gorgeous, congrats!!
  14. i love those espadrilles