My Latest Purchase - Signature Multifunction Wallet in Punch!

  1. Hello ladies!

    I went to the Coach store today and got this lovely wallet! I really needed a wallet for spring. :cutesy:

    I also wanted to get the White Ali but they were sold out, so I placed a special order - should get it in 2-3 weeks. Can't wait! :wlae:
    coachpink1.jpg coachpink2.jpg
  2. Oh forgot to add, this is my very first Coach wallet! :yahoo:
  3. Congrats, very cute and happy!
  4. Very pretty wallet & it will go nicely with the White Ali. Congrats!
  5. ^^ Thanks ladies! :smile:
  6. Ohhh I love the wallet!! Congrats!!!
  7. I so love the color of that wallet!! Screams Spring!!
  8. That is so beautiful!
    Congrats and can't wait to see pics of your Ali.
  9. congrats, enjoy! ;)
  10. Ooh! Pretty! Great purchase. :smile:
  11. Oooh, so pretty! I love the color and that will look so nice with a white bag for Spring/Summer. You did good!
  12. Very nice! That pink grabs my attention every time I'm in there... I might have to get something in that pink signature... :p Very cute!
  13. i LOVE the color!
  14. So cute, and it'll go great with the white Ali!! I have the wristlet in the same color and can't wait to use it!!
  15. i love pink sig. congratz on having such good taste (ali and wallet are perfect combo!).