My latest!!

  1. First, the Denim sac with matching wristlet and keyfob, from QVC. When you buy as much from QVC as I do, they send out these "Easy Pay on Request" cards where you can choose an item to buy on 4 monthly payments--I get the cards about 3 times a year. So that's how I bought this one!!

    Second, my beautiful new fuschia AWL bucket--an eBay steal!! It is the cutest thing!

    Thanks for looking!
    denim1.jpg denim.wristlet.jpg pinkbucket1.jpg
  2. Beautiful bags! I love the fuschia. Congrats!
  3. thanks for sharing! luv the awl
  4. I love the fuschia!
  5. awl yaaay pink! delicious selections! congrats!
  6. yaaay ohhh the fuschia AWL is amazing i wish it was a giant size i would buy it in a second :smile:

    and the other is super cute too! :smile: how great you get those cards!
  7. Slush, I have the matching fuschia domed satchel on layaway at TJMAxx :nuts: . Can't wait to get it!!! That fuschia leather is TDF!
  8. The fuschia is such a great color. I like the denim too, the red lining is striking.
  9. Great bags! I have the QVC style in tan. I bought almost the same denim bag at Dillards but it has chain links in the handle. Those are probably my two favorite summer Dooneys.
  10. i really do like that denim bag and im SO totally not a denim fan! dooney's doin their thing ;)
  11. very cute!
  12. These are cute! Congrats!
  13. They are really cute, congrats!
  14. love the denim bag, looks really nice!
  15. Nice bags. They're so cuuuute!