My latest addition for the addiction LOL,and some question

  1. Awww thank u, another bag twins :smile:
  2. Thank u so much :smile:
  3. We're both petite and like life size bag! Now I want an alma in Amarante!

  4. Love love love it !!!! Congrats ;()
  5. I only recently got mine (pm) but so far no issues w/ the rings. Are you referring to the black marks that the vachetta can get when the rings rub on it? The newer gals have a plastic ridge on the inside of the rings, hard to see but you can feel them. They keep the vachetta from turning dark, so far I haven't had any issues with mine and I've carried it daily since I got it about 3 wks ago I think.

    Beautiful haul, love the alma color too! I'd love to see a pic of you rockin' that gm too!
  6. Congrats! They are all lovely! Glad you are enjoying them with :heart:
  7. Whoa! Congrats on your lovelies!
  8. Pretty pair! Nice variation so you have something for every day and mood :smile:
  9. Lovely gifts, congrats,
  10. Cam wh*, love it! especially when you're looking this fabulous!
  11. Wonderful haul, congrats!!! Love the pomme Alma!! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks mah Queen :smile:
  13. Yes i am mam, thank u :smile:
  14. Thank u :smile:
  15. Yup thats it , thank u :smile: