My Late i.e. awaited B'day Present!!!! It's Here It's Here

  1. My friends and family put some money in all together (and i added some lol) and I got a little something H! (sorry i cant post pics right now but i will get to it i promise!)

    Unfortunately this will be my last H for a while (i might get a a few scarves or an agenda, well play it by ear lol) because I need to save, i want to get an apartment. Right now the Aust. gov. offers a $10k bonus to first home buyers and i dont know how long before they wake up and remove it so i want to take advantage of it while its there (hello, that would be my HAC money?! toward a house pshh what fools) So add that to my trust fund and save a touch more and i have a decent deposit. Now all i need is a steady job to save up more lol. Anyway back to H!

    Because everyone is over stripteases (and because i am an innocent dove that doesn't think dirty thought at all:rolleyes:) I am going to give a cryptic clue puzzle to find out what it is. If it gets hard I'll give you hints.

    First clue:


    I also want to give a shout out to HG and thank her, because with out her i woudl never be able to get this little puppy! The tax system suck (that where they get all the money to give back to 1st homeowners :roflmfao: lol) to buy this at my H store it is about 40% more than the us price. So i would never afford it. So truely without you HG i wouldn't have think, thank you so much!
  2. You're welcome!!! Glad it got there and even more glad to be of service. But with that clue, I couldn't guess what I sent you. LOL!
  3. ok lol i think I'm being too cryptic lol

    I think it has Plad. H/W

    thanks again HG!
  4. Oh, are you referencing the barbed wire? Barbed wire=palladium hardware, got it!:tup:
  5. Yes, and it has a little something to do with color and skin
  6. I can't wait!!! Spill it!!!
  7. Ok I'll give you guys a few more minutes then i will explain the above clue and give you the second one

    Notice it is a black gate with P H/W
  8. Oh, OK, I get it now.:idea:
  9. Something black with PH?? I am no could at this stuff.
  10. medor clutch?
  11. As gorgeous as they are I am a guy. I'm sure i could rock it though lol!
    this one only refers to its skin, color and H/W not the item itself
  12. I took a look at the picture and all I could think of was snow! So, clearly, I have no idea!
  13. Ooh -- I like this clue thing. Can we have another?
  14. Ok Ok i guess you guys aren't feelin the clues puzzle

    It's Matte (nothing in the pic suggested that btw) Black Alligator with P H/W
  15. Ok give me a sec to get the next clue but its harder so i dont know how you guys will go with that lol