My last one, you think?

  1. OK NOW I need to go on a ban :sweatdrop:!

    I'd been planning to get this bag since last year, but I had trouble deciding between this and the Le Talenteux. In the end I wanted this one because it could hold more (and who knows, I might get the Le Talenteux one day :graucho:), but no matter how many times I looked at it in the stores and tried it on and loved it, I still couldn't work up the nerve to spend the $3100 (before tax, I might add :push:smile: on it. But after looking and looking at it on eLuxury, I finally caved in and bought it :blush:.

    I absolutely love this bag :love:; it's so classy and elegant, and it can be dressed up or down, for work and going out. The leather is simply exquisite, and it's so plush because it's not so very structured like the Le Fabuleux or Le Talenteux. I think I'm more or less satisfied with my collection now, and with the way I've been spending lately, I should really stop buying and just enjoy what I have right now. So ladies and gentlemen, here's my newest bag, from the classiest Louis Vuitton line:

    Suhali L'Ingénieux PM


  2. love it, it's so gorgeous!! :love:
  3. wow! congrats! i'd love something from the suhali line, one day!
  4. Oh congrats! It's so gorgeous! LOVE all of your handbags!
  5. wow!!!! congrats!!!!! super clean cut bag!!!
  6. :drool: Gorgeous!!
    Please don't let this be the last, your collection is fab & I always look forward to seeing what pretty you'll find next.
  7. I love it (I still have yet to get my first LV piece), I have looked at the pics of your collection and I hope to have an LV collection like yours one day!
  8. WOW that is truly a splendid bag. wear it forever in great health (and style!)
  9. Beautiful!! You have so many TDF bags!!
  10. it's so pretty. congrats!
  11. Gorgeous and extremely sophisticated to roam those Manhattan streets... congrats. She is a forever girl.
  12. Now that's a nice bag.
  13. pretty,

    i'm gonna look at the visual aids now for your different pics!
  14. wow its gorgeous.
  15. yeux, this bag is worth a ban :yes:
    i've tried it, but the tag is too much for me LOL