My last Bal HURRAH for 2007!!!

  1. Well, these proved to be a cliffhanger... 3 weeks in transit and despite a tracking no., it didn't show up in the tracking system after the parcel was deposited at the post office... :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: The seller (a really sweet PFer) and I were hoping and hoping... and I wanted the item and not an insurance claim lol! Well, they are here!!

    I think this is it for 2007!!! :yes:

    My new-to-me preloved 06 greige Day and new violet sgh coin purse! :yahoo: :love:



    greige-flat.jpg greige-flash.jpg greige-back.jpg greige-leather.jpg greige-detail.jpg
  2. Sgh violet coin purse:


    greigeday-violetcp.jpg violet-cp.jpg violet-cpback.jpg violet-cpflash.jpg violet-cpinside.jpg
  3. This leather is incredibly thick, soft and smooshy, I can hardly believe it's a '06!!!

  4. beautifil Day! now thats a versatile color! violet is a perfect color for a coin purse. enjoy!

    glad it didn't lost !!
  5. mmm i love greige, congrats! what a relief!
  6. Aw thanks Virgo and chalmaz!! I'm so relieved, PHEW!!! :love:
  7. Congrats. :yahoo:Your Coin purse is so cute.:p
  8. :love: Beautiful! I love that SGH violet coin purse!!!

    CONGRATS & ENJOY :woohoo:
  9. Oh Cute!! & the greige color... is beautiful!!! cOngrats ~! :tup:
  10. I've missed looking at greige bags so much! It's a fantastic colour. Your Day is delicious, s-o-f! Congrats on the cp, too!
  11. I love greige and ur mini coin purse is adorable too!
  12. Yay for a happy ending! Both look so yummy! Congrats!
  13. Greige is such a beautiful neutral! And I just love the violet coin! I have one myself with GGH but I have to say that SGH is very special:love: I looks amazing with violet.
  14. Aww ladies I'm touched!!! Thank you so much!!! :love:
  15. That's the best greige I've ever seen! Beauitful :girlsigh: