My Kooba obsession - fulfilled???

  1. Hi everyone,

    Some of you may remember me as the brand spanking new member asking the question whether I should buy a good quality copy of a Kooba that I saw online. (This is the original thread if anyone is interested):

    After a stern wake up call from a few people, and some very friendly and helpful advice from many, I purchased the following bags in my pursuit of filling the void! :yes:

    A Lush bag from About Attitude:

    (I threw in this messenger fringe bag in from the same site because it was such a deal!)

    I also bought a Bulga bag:
    (I have a thing for fringe, can you tell?)

    But now, I have just learned that my boyfriend went to the Kooba store online and purchased this bag for me - we saw it in Holt's and it was my favourite out of all the Kooba Siennas

    So not only do I have a bunch of nice purses, but I also got the Kooba that I've wanted for quite some time now. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Thanks to everyone who helped me out! :tender:
  2. Glad you got your Kooba. Post pics!
  3. YAY! really happy for you. So now you have a whole collection of fab little bags to use. :biggrin:
  4. Awesome news!! Congrats on your new bags.
  5. Thanks so much for all your helpful advice, ladies! If it wasn't for you, I'd have ended up buying that fake bag, and you are totally right - it wouldn't have made me happy!

    *Gulp*. I just bought another bag... When I went to the Active Endeavours site earlier to find the link to post the Bulga bag I bought for you to see, I noticed they added a whole whack of new Kooba items to the sale page! They also have a gorgeous Botkier skeleton bag. :nuts:

    I just bought the Kooba ADA brown woven tote for $362 down from $725 with no tax and free shipping! That is actually cheaper than the Sienna my bf just purchased for me on

    I know people either love it or hate it, but I think it's so unique and I am ecstatic that I now will have two beautiful bags for the Fall! :love:
    I'll post pics when I receive them. Fingers crossed the duty will not cripple me! :throwup:
  6. I just got my Kooba Jessie Bag today in the Raisin color. It is SO AWESOME for a medium sized handbag. I am so glad I got it.

    I'm very dissapointed in Ebay. I am trying to sell my Black Kooba Ada on there (It's just a little too large for me to get alot of use). It will be lost amongst the numerous Fakes all starting at 1.00 with NO reserve. I paid 545 for it and won;t get near that because of the crap bag these people are selling. Some of these fakes are going for over 300.00. I can't fathom why Ebay can't halt some of this. I know they make big bucks from fake bags but is there no repercussions for them?