My iPad died

  1. I have the first iPad and it died. Do you think anyone may want to buy it (basically to take it apart) or should I just trash it.
  2. Take it to the apple store
  3. How long have you had it? Were there any signs before it died?
  4. Make am appt at the apple store, they can fix it.

    And yes, there are people that buy broken electronics.
  5. I already took it to the Apple store. They are the ones that told me it was dead. So what's the best way to sell it.
  6. eBay or Craigslist.
  7. Definitely don't trash it. There are people who buy these types of things for parts. You can absolutely sell it on eBay or Craig's List. Just obviously disclose that it's a non-functional unit.
  8. my condolences.

    how can you resell a dead ipad? bury it lol
  9. People buy them for parts all the time. Sell it
  10. Bvlgari_Babe... LOVE your avatar! :tender:
  11. I sold a water damaged shorted out iPhone for $85 once. There are people that buy them for parts.
  12. Thank you! I love Enchanted and Giselle! :smile:
  13. Update:

    I had a friend of mine look at my iPad before I decided to sell it and he fixed it. :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Great news!
  15. oh great news!!! i can't believe the apple store just said it's dead while it's fixable