My Infernos are in :D *Pics*

  1. :yahoo: Yay! My Infernos are in!! Thanks annieb for sending it (and for the gift too!):biggrin: As you can see Im so obsessed of the watermelon guy w/blue devil :graucho: I didnt get them all at the outlets (it came w/zippies), some of them I got on eBay and from a friend :biggrin: and put them all together for you all to see :biggrin:
  2. Oh. My. God!
  3. that's crazy. SO MANY INFERNOS!!
  4. Wow, Vmasterz, when you know what you want, you go for it. Congratulations on the best Inferno collection I've seen so far.
  5. Amazing!!! :drool:

    Inferno is my fav, too, but I "only" have Stellina, Campeggio, Bella, & Dolce... :crybaby:

    I bet you have the largest single collection of watermelon guys in the world, lol!
  6. what in the hell?!?~?~? lol
  7. wow! amazing collection and am beginning to like inferno more and more every time i see it. yay you! :smile:
  8. wow! You got doubles of a few things. haha.
  9. Yeah, I saw she had doubles as well lol. Idk, I don't think I could bring myself to have doubles lol.
  10. dang that's HELLa inferno! haha
  11. Thanks all :biggrin:

    Yeah I did get double of denaro and dolce..well the reason was when I bought one, I found a better one at the later hence became two..:push:

    I still want an Inferno Stellina! :lol:
  12. it's cool that you're really passionate about the print you really like :]
  13. Wowzorz! That's crazy. I'm jealous. :nuts:
  14. Oh those are 2 denaros, from a quick look I thought it was just one opened.

    Wow, you're really inlove with this print ha?
    I love the campeggio, 3 bunnies!
    Actually you got bunnies on most of the bags. :love: Very cute.

    Must be fun getting so much stuff at once. :girlsigh:
  15. Yeah you gotta be :nuts: to buy all this :lol: ...well I learned my lesson from the Foresta print which I still :love: but I figured if I dont get what I want now, I probably wont get them at a later time...just like my Foresta (I only now have 4 bags-harder to find the rest)... Ya the rabbats are cool :biggrin: