My Husband Did What???

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  1. Alright ladies, some of you are aware that I was watching a Lucy on ebay and had even gone as far as to contact the seller to find out where she purchased the bag from. Seller said she bought it on ebay from seller "gammaford," a few days earlier and was selling it because it was just too big for her. I proceed to prod her about the zipper pull, the lining, the Kooba plate, and everything else I have learned from visiting here. But, I did not act on it--TPFers seemed to think FAKE!

    Fast forward a few hours--I'm on TPF drooling over everyone's bags and hubby tells me "I bought the Kooba you were watching." WHAT!!! This is a man who practices minimalism and only buys the best quality he can afford in all things and INSISTS on seeing everything in person--he refuses to shop online. He said a few weeks ago when I had a few items in our Ebay Watch list to "not buy from ebay-ever."

    I go semi-ballistic (it was so thoughtful I couldn't go totally nuts), and tell him the TPF ladies say FAKE. He says he realizes that, but wanted to take the gamble for the $200 he offered her since I've told him Lucy in a brown/black shade was what I wanted.

    Seller clearly has marked "ALL SALES FINAL," so a return is out of the question. I tell hubby this and he says if it turns out to be a fake, we will use it to store our dogs leashes in (old totes are relagated to this task).

    When it arrives, gals, I will post pics and we can all debate. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it turns out to be authentic. If not, consider it a $200 sweet gesture mistake.

  2. But if it is fake, you can get your money back through Paypal anyways since selling Fake Brand Name bag is ILLEGAL. It is against the law....
    So if it turn out to be fake, you should file paypal claim and inform ebay that the seller is violating the law.

    Good luck!
  3. Oh, God! Hope its real! Tell DH the gesture was GREAT, but next time make SURE its real FIRST!
    Fingers crossed!
  4. WOW! A lovely move by hubby so let's hope this baby is real!
  5. This will be very interesting.......I have a husband story that I just posted in the handbags section......don't we just love them???
  6. Oh no! Hopefully you can work something out with the seller and she will allow a return if it's fake. Hopefully she is reasonable and does not want to deal with having a claim against her!

    Crossing my fingers for you that it's the real deal. If it is, you'll love the Lucy. It is so comfortable to wear and so generously sized yet lightweight! :smile:
  7. Oh Gosh, iT's gotta be a fake. Guess what? Gammaford has another exact bag up using the same pics as last auction. Plus the seller who you bought from used her pics. No wonder no one can figure out what real and is fake anymore.
  8. Oh Alexix, your husband is an absolute sweetheart. I truly hope the bag is authentic. If it isn't, definitely put a claim into Paypal. A $200 bag for storing dog leashes is a little over the top, plus you miss out on a great gift!
  9. I wasn't aware that you could put a claim into paypal if it turns out to be a fake. That is at least some minor relief.

    Lexie-I saw this morning that gammaford has another of the exact same bag and I emailed her about it. She responded that she only sells authentic. But is is extremely fishy that she would have two of the exact same Lucys. Hmmm...Will keep you all posted
  10. You should be okay regardless. Maybe the seller will be kind enough to let you return it for a refund. If that is a no go, then you file a dispute with Paypal. They can't always get you your money back, so then you have a 3rd way of filing with your credit card for a chargeback. It may take some time but please don't keep this bag. What a waste of 200.00. Tell hubby you'll use it to towards the purchase of a new Kooba that is authentic.
  11. Oh, Alexis, what a shame, especially as that was such a sweet gesture...maybe if you email her with your intention of reporting her to paypal, she'll be willing to accept a return..worth a try..

    You girls seem to have very sweet husbands, wonder if I should start leaving my ebay-watches up all the time (like a background, LOL) Would make sure the bags were no fakeroos, though, and maybe a little wish list could accidentally make it's way into some page DH looks at...
  12. Alexis, I think your dogs deserve a GENUINE Kooba for their leashes! :rolleyes:
  13. what a wonderful thing for him to do though! My DBF actually has a tPF login and posts questions in the authenticate threads when he's looking to buy me something ;)
  14. This seller has such a mixed bag of Kooba's, some look aok, some are fishy.

    I don't think any of us have purchased from her since Lexie's email, but we've all been watching her auctions, since she has so many & such a varied selection (some vintage-some newer, used & new)

    You might get lucky, if so, hubby got a great deal! If not, there are recourses. "All sales are final" doesn't wash if it's counterfeit.

    Please keep us posted on the outcome!
  15. That is the cutest thing I've ever heard!!!!! Lucky girl!