My humble but well loved collection!

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  1. [​IMG][/IMG]
    Ok I hope this works,
    1. LV Musette Salsa with the long sholder strap
    2.LV French Purse
    I got both of these as a 21st birthday gift and have used them loads!

    3. LV Ellipse MM
    The first really expensive bag I bouht for myself when I came into some money

    4. Coccinelle Leather shopping bag
    I bought this on honeymoon when we were visiting Capri

    5. Mulberry Roxanne in Oak
    6. Mulberry Emmy wallet in Oak
    Love these two, the mainly cuz of their size. Beautiful.

    7. Chloe Paddington in Muscade, my most recent and most loved purchase :heart:

    Ok heres a link to the pics if it doesn't come out
  2. Love the Paddy and LVs!
  3. Ok Ladies lets get detailed

    Heres the Louis Vuittons


  4. [​IMG]

    The coccinelle

    The Mulberrys (Roxanne and Emmy Wallet)


    And finally the Paddy :yahoo:

  5. They are all gorgeous. I love the colour of the Paddington and although the Mulberry Roxanne has never been a favourite of mine - yours looks great. I might be converted!
  6. Yay, a convery! Well my Roxanne will be dead pleased :yes: I would def go and have a look at one in the flesh as pics don't really do them justice!
  7. Great collection!
  8. Stunning!
  9. I love you LV's and Chloe. Great collection.
  10. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  11. congrats!love them!
  12. I love the Ellipse!!!!!! It's a very gorgeous and unique bag.

    I was never really a fan of Chloe... but after seeing that Muscade Paddy, I'm in love!