My humble and well-loved collection

  1. LV

    LV speedy 30, partition, cabas piano

    Vernis rouge agenda PM, makeup bag, koala wallet, pochette clefs, wapity, beige inclusion pm, black inclusion pm



    Large signature, large hobo in black and brown

    Coach keyfobs and ipod nano case

  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Great collection, the Coach items are so cute and colorful (I'm a big Coach fan myself) and of course I love the LVs, thanks for sharing!
  4. Love your inclusion pretty! Thanks for sharing!!:flowers:
  5. Very nice! I love the Cabas Piano and Partition.
  6. Lovely collection.. they are all really pretty...
  7. Nice collection.
  8. Nice collection
  9. Thanks everyone - but how is it I have 2 collection threads? Ay ya yay! Is it possible to delete the other mods?
  10. Oh and we're missing stuff!

    05 Balenciaga City

  11. nice the black balenciaga!:heart:
  12. I love the LV bracelets and Partition! :yes: You have a very nice collection.
  13. love ur goodies ... ur Inclusion bracelets are TDF :love::love:
  14. Very pretty collection! I love how all your bags are in such beautiful condition too.
  15. love the '05 black balenciaga! what fantastic leather it has!
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