My hubby knows LV!!!!

  1. We were at a japanese resto the other night and after we ordered he says "wow, look those 2 women they have LV bags":nuts: so i turned around to look and they did! one had the damier alma & the other had a damier speedy. All night long my hubby kept commenting how pretty the alma was.:nuts: All this time i thought he wasnt paying any attention when i rant & rave about LV!!!:yahoo: Just had to share...
  2. I hope he's not gay.
  3. How nice! Maybe an opportunity to win him over for good with a damier wallet for his birthday? :yes:
  4. You have trained him very well:yes: I think he needs to visit LV to purchase something for you to extend his knowledge base:nuts:
  5. awwww that's too cute!!!!
  6. it won't be too long now.... :devil:
  7. you know, maybe it is good chance to ask new alma for valentines day, :smile:))
  8. Too cute.......I was wearing my small shoulder bag with the leather bottom the other day. I don't know how to spell the name of this bag.
    My husband told me it was a beautiful bag and said the leather looked so good. Then he asked if it was new......I laughed and told him I had it for 2 + years (I think) and showed him how it had water stains and how I used his leather cleaner on it and the stains are almost gone.
    He does feel LV has the best quality so if I am buying a bag he will always say why don't you get a LV instead of wasting you money on _______.
    I did buy him his first LV wallet and a few more after that, so now he will only use LV for wallets.
    In time they listen, even though we don't think they do.
  9. so cute!!!
  10. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  11. i think she's just trying to be funny :s
  12. haha!!!!! i wish my dad knew!
  13. My hubby knows LV too and loves to point out fakes when we're out! He's too funny. He also has really great taste and before I buy a new bag I always ask his honest opinion about which bag he thinks will look best on me- he doesn't sugarcoat anything, if he thinks it looks bad he'll say so. :p Too bad he doesn't like LV for himself though, he likes simple, subtle stuff, nothing very expensive.
  14. hubby likes lv too...he has a wallet and a clutch :smile:

  15. Ummm yeah:confused1: ....tip, if your intent is to be 'funny' as opposed to just appearing rude and ignorant you might want to stick in a 'ha ha' or smiley just for good measure. My hubby too has spent going on 15 years with me and LV has started to rub off on him...he'll from time to time mention being somewhere and noticing someones LV <lol> I think it's adorable!