My horrible day...kitty taken to pound

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  1. :crybaby:
    So here's the story. My disclaimer...I am an absolute animal lover!

    I have one cat named Twiggy. She is 7 years old and kind of our vindictive :censor: out of all the animals. We love it's her personality.
    As a tiny kitten she laid in bed one night and peed on me (I seriously thought I had peed my pants)....other times she peed on my husbands jacket right in front of us.
    Then we move to another house....she pees on the furniture. Then she peed on dirty laundry.
    The furniture sucked anyways...and the laundry was dirty so we tolerated it.
    Moved to another house....she pees on my backpack (which I notice while I'm at school and am mortified that others can smell it - I lived 2 hours from school so I had no choice...couldn't run home).
    Move to another house...she pees on my brand new couch (that we then threw away) and our bathroom rug.
    Move again....she starts peeing on my brand new chaise lounger.
    I don't think it is stress related because she starts doing it months after we move.

    I :heart: this cat and tolerate it. This morning I had my last straw...she peed on the chaise lounger AGAIN (which now my dog wants to pee because he smells it...even though I poured a whole bottle of Nature's Miracle on it) and my backpack which had important school-related documents in it.

    I took her to the pound today. I am absolutely distraught and so worried about her.
    I called my hubby (this was our first cat together and one of his favorites) to tell him what I was going to do. He says fine do it.
    I call back crying and ask him again if he is OK with it...and whether he would hate me or begrudge me because of this decision. He says no.

    I call him an hour ago on my way home and he's crying, and now won't talk to me. I know he's missing her and upset...but I hope not upset at me:sad:

    I'm just so upset:crybaby:
    I love my animals...I love all animals....I'm second-guessing my decision...I kind of go back and forth on whether I did the right thing.
    It was the hardest thing I had to ever do.
    Was I I just the cruelest person ever?

    God this day sucks :crybaby:
  2. It was a no-kill shelter right?
  3. Unfortunately was the local humane society (I'm not sure what they do). The only no-kill shelter in town has over a 4 month waiting list.
  4. If you feel that bad, go back and get her. If you do, have her checked for diabetes, that could be the cause of her problem.
  5. can you build/buy a kennel for her to live in (a big one of course) so that she doesnt pee anywhere and during the mean time put her on the list for a no kill shelter...?
  6. My husband just asked where exactly she was...I have a feeling he may go back and get her.
    She seems normally OK health wise, except for this peeing thing...we even broke her of her scratching the furniture habit.
    In terms of a kennel....I'm not sure...I haven't thought of that.
  7. Sometimes cats get bladder infections that cause the peeing. You will want to put her on a LOW ASH that has a low ash content. I fear however this is her personality.........but its worth a try if you get her back.
  8. I know exactly how your feeling right now, I had a cat that used to pee in my babies room all the time, I think it was jealousy. I tried to put up with it, give her attention etc. last straw was in the babies crib, and she also did #2, I had to disinfect and buy a new mattress, that was it she was gone, I was sooo mad that the guilt didn't even set in. I hope you feel better. Then I had another one, a boy and he peed on our bed when we went out for a couple of hours, I was like this is it, NO MORE CATS. I got sick of being scared of finding pee in odd places. Sometimes pets just don't conform no matter how much love and attention you show em. Cats can also be very finicky and snottish (is that a word?) You know they have very diva like attitudes, they don't even want to "follow your rules" No more cats for me, I have a little puppy now. I hope you feel better.
  9. I think it is her personality as well.....we've never had it checked out at a vet because we assumed it was her personality....she typically only pees on things that we own...she doesn't pee on the carpet, right outside the litterbox, etc.
  10. Thanks bag. We have added new cats (3) since we got her, and a I don't know if it is that...but I figured she would have gotten over it (the other cats are 7, 6, 3 and the dog is a year old).
  11. Twiggers, I recommend taking the cat to the vet for checkup; the vet can pinpoint the problems. Sooo sorry. Hugs~
  12. My cat started peeing outside of her litter box and I took her directly to the vet where I found out she actually had a bladder stone the size of an olive!! (Eeek!!). She required $800 surgery but it fixed the peeing problem!!

    It's not an easy decision at all....but if you do decide to go get her I would suggest a trip to the vet to rule out any other health related illnesses that could be causing this.

    Good luck!!
  13. Twiggers-

    My former cat (now at the Rainbow Bridge) had the same problem. She would pee on the carpet, on the bed, on clothes, etc. I went through 3 mattresses in 17 years, lots of carpet cleaners, lots of clothing. But I loved her more than the possessions.

    The vet said she had a problem with the bladder and the kidneys. She was on medication and had to eat a special Hills Science Diet. She still peed everywhere - but insstead of every day it was like once a month flare ups.

    Good luck...cats rule.
  14. (((hugs))) for you for having had such a rotten day:heart:

    If i were in your shoes?
    I'd go back to the pound, pick her up, have her checked over by the vet to rule out any underlying causes, such as bladder infections etc.

    Cats are complicated creatures, they get possesive over objects, owners, territory....anything! So she could be marking her territory in any way she knows how, or she could just be simply confused over which is her territory.

    Then next, i would confine dear kitty to one room and one room only...only when she has re-gained your trust would i allow her back in to the rest of the house.
    When i was house training my cats, i kept them confined to the kitchen for a few months, until i felt they could be trusted in the rest of the house, one room at a time.
    They had food, water, bedding, litter boxes - all in one room.

    Perhaps re-introduce her to your house and see how she gets on? Begin as if you have just brought her home. Get rid of all traces of previous odour and air the house completely.

    Apparently cats can feel overwhelmed by alot of space and often pee in places because they are confused. Have you recently been moving any furniture etc?
    Cats hate change, with a vengeance!:yes:

    Also, do you have lots of scratch posts around...? As much as they are unsightly and kind of a pain in the butt, they are really necessary in a cats territorial view - i have 3 in my small house, one at the entrance to the back, one at the bottom and top of the helps to stop boredom setting in, which could be another cause of kitty's problems.

    Awww i really hope you can get this sorted, please do keep us posted.:flowers: :flowers:

    Lots of love xxx
  15. I'm going to be honest. I don't think it's particularly fair of you do just dump your cat, a companion of many years, because of a pee-ing problem without thoroughly checking alternative solutions with a vet. If you feel bad, imagine how your cat feels.