1. It looked SO LONELY on the shelf in the store.:sad: It really wanted to come home with me and I just couldn't say NO.:love: SO GORGEOUS!!!:love:
    PICT2807.JPG SPYHOLOpic.JPG hologrampic.JPG
  2. irene that is a gorgeous spy!! it looks really good on your arms haha CONGRATS!!
  3. LV can open your OWN forum soon!!! lol..great it! Enjoy!
  4. very nice i still love that bag! it's sooooo beautiful.
  5. LV_ADDICT: you are NUTS!!!!!! i swear you buy like 4 purses a week and they;re not cheap ones either!! WIll you marry me?? or just let me sleep in your closet...? hehhehe
  6. I second that!!! Great bag! Congrats! I can't keep up with you, girl :lol:
  7. Thank you!!! I on a shopping ban from now on!:shame: BIG TIME!!!:lol:
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats!

  9. So AM I...maybe we can start a support group...:amazed:
  10. Hey Sunshine Your Back!!!!!
  11. WE DEFINITELY NEED ONE!!!:shocked:
  12. Add me to the list if we are (trying to save for that first home down payment plus a wedding+honeymoon) eeks!
  13. I totally love the way it looks on you, LV addict
  14. My husband literally put his foot down last night...(it was not fun) he also presented me with an outline of all my purchases over the past 6 made me want to get sick...I need to SLOW down...or start hiding purchases better...and reciepts...and bills...ughhhh.
  15. Wow! You are on the roll LV_Addict! That's one gorgeous bag! LOve it! Congrats!