My HG has found its way home

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  1. Good day, Dear BV-ettes!
    Our life is quite busy and sometimes we might miss something, no matter how deep is our love for certain things/brands.
    I have been pretty much close to BV for the past few years to know more or less the colours and styles they've made recently, nevertheless, I was not that much into clutches and in particular, into knots. So when I was taking pictures of those gems displayed at a BV presentation in Dubai earlier this year, I saw a clutch that made my heart beat faster...
    Yellow memory masterpiece.
    I was standing there, trying to believe it was a real bag and I missed it. It was within 30 cm away, separated from me by a window glass and I couldn't get hold of it.
    The SA told me they were made few years back and are sold out long time ago and won't be back to production.
    I didn't even hope to be SO lucky to get one, but I didn't stop thinking of it... but never say never!
    My baby found its way home! pristine condition, no any sign of use, and so much love ahead!
    and honestly, I am happy it's black... I did fall in love with yellow, but I think yellow is not that versatile, and with black I will have no problem with ANY outfit at all :smile:
  2. Here it is :smile:

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  3. Congrats. This is so lovely and I'm very happy for you. Enjoy.
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  4. Congratulations. I hope you really enjoy it.
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  5. Beautiful! When will it go on its first outing with you?
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  6. Congratulations! Wear her in good health and happiness! So beautiful!
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  7. Thanks to all!
    Diane, she is so special to me, it must be a special occasion, but when we do, i will def post modeling pictures :biggrin:
  8. And it's so sweet, Seller added a hand-written note "Enjoy!" which is so dear to me - means, she let it go with easy heart (not sold because of debts, or despair, iykwim)
  9. I think knots are pieces of art. Maybe you should put her on display in your closet or bedroom for awhile. Somewhere where you will see her every day.....
  10. Good idea :tup: lol
    My husband is already convinced that i am not doing well, if i do so, he will def put me to a rehab... lolol
  11. Excellent find--it'll serve you well in its versatility. Enjoy, enjoy!
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  12. Beautiful! Enjoy
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  13. Thank you :smile:
  14. Tell him that this forum is the only legitimate place for BV rehab. :angel: Show him a couple of the threads that focus on patience and restraint. :graucho: will take some time to find them but they exist.....somewhere among the dozens of threads that serve as enabling for us. It's a long shot, but it may work. Lolol :giggle: although probably they allow knots in BV rehab? Yikes!
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  15. Oh my that is sooo beautiful and classy. Very happy for you.
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