My Hermes stuff...

  1. Okay. So I'm finally getting off my lazy butt :amuse: to take pictures of my Hermes handbags and accessories. I'm posting them in the Hermes thread since they're only Hermes... I will post my entire handbag collection in the Showcase thread later (I did try to post my entire handbag collection last month, but for some reason it didn't post. I emailed Vlad, and he told me to re-post.)

    1. 30cm Ostrich Birkin - rouge vif
    2. 32cm Chevre Kelly - fuschia
    3. 25cm Bicolor Calfbox Birkin - chocolate w/ cyclamen
    3. Bearn Chevre Wallet - unsure of exact color but it's a chocolate brown
    4. Togo Mini Ulysse - unsure of exact color but it's a dark brown
    5. Vision II Chevre Cover/Agenda - rouge vif
    6. Chevre Pen Holder - rouge vif
    7. Epson Globe Trotter - thalassa blue (the pic looks like blue jean but it's actually a darker, richer blue)
    8. Constance belt - reversible
    9. Twillys

    Apologies for the poor watermarking skills, but I have a new laptop and programs...

    Thanks for letting me share! :P
    Hermes purseswatermarked.JPG redostrich1watermarked.JPG redostrich2watermarked.JPG fuschiakellywatermarked.JPG bicolor1watermarked.JPG hermesaccessories1watermarked.JPG brownwalletylyssewatermarked.JPG redchevrenotebookwatermarked.JPG thalassablue1watermarked.JPG thalassablue2watermarked.JPG
  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! I have died and gone to Hermes heaven! Your collection is absolutely TDF! Thank you for sharing!!!!
  3. More pics...
    pinktwillyswatermarked.JPG orange twillyswatermarked.JPG hermesbeltwatermarked.JPG
  4. OH MY GOODNESS, those are sooo beautiful **drools**
  5. Love the twillys and the belt! And that FUSCHIA KELLY and BICOLOR CHOCOLATE! YOU ARE KILLING ME HERE!
  6. Your collection is beautiful, I love it!
  7. What an amazing collection! Really love the bicolor birkin. How do you like your bearn wallet? Thinking of getting one for myself one of these days.
  8. Did you leave anything at Hermes for me? :smile:

    Beautiful it!
  9. belen - I love the bearn wallet! :love: It is the tri-fold so there is plenty of space.
  10. your collection is beautiful, love all the colors!
  11. I just love your collection! Thanks for sharing....they are all so beautiful!
  12. WOW!!! What a great collection, you have some spectacular bags. I love all of your twillys.
  13. That's not fair. How can one person have so many Hermes bags? No wonder it's impossible for the rest of us lay people to get our hands on some. The bicolor is TDF. :love:
  14. Wow! Rouge VIF looks FABULOUS in Chevre!:love:

    Beautiful collection.:biggrin:
  15. Simply fabulous!