My Heritage Satchel Arrived-Pics

  1. Here are some pics I took of the new satchel. This is the khaki / geranium color. Rumor has it that there are other colors out but the look book has just the one and the Manager in the shop I ordered this in could only find the one.

    I like the bag but am unsure about the color. The more I look at it it grows on me. I know someone ordered a white one and I would love to check it out as if I didn't keep this one white would be my choice.

    Opinions please....
    Front.jpg Back.jpg Side.jpg Top.jpg Inside.jpg
  2. It's gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE it! COngrats and thanks for posting pics! I've wanted to see real pics of this bag for awhile!
  3. Now for the modeling pics. For reference I am 5'5 and around 135 lbs.

    I also included one with my butterfly key fob attached.
    w: Butterfly.jpg arm.jpg Shoulder.jpg
  4. It looks really cute on you! It's bigger than I thought it would be. I hope you will enjoy it!
  5. Ooooh, it's very nice!! I wouldn't mind this in khaki/white!!
  6. Very cute!
  7. Thank you so much for posting pictures! You look awesome with the satchel! Now that the rumor about a pink one is out, I'm dying to get this bag! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures!
  8. Ohh I love it and it looks nice and roomy!

  9. Congrats on your new bag! The color is very happy and Springy. I so hope Coach makes more Heritage Stripe pieces as I really like this collection.
  10. One of my SA's ordered this, so I saw it IRL yesterday. IT's an AWESOME bag. It looks great on you! Enjoy!
  11. Love the satchel shape...and I like the colors, it's got just the right amount of pizazz!
  12. I love the size of this bag! I think the color is very nice! Looks good on you!
  13. Wow that bag is really unique and very springy, like Liz said! Enjoy!
  14. Do the zippers open to one large compartment, or is it two?
  15. It looks great on you! For some reason in the pictures by itself it looks HUGE, but it doesn't look that big in the modeling pictures. Congrats!