my handles have a waxy feel!

  1. So, a few weeks ago i VERY LIGHTLY used the Mr. Clean magic eraser to get rid of dirt on the handles of my speedy 30 (purchased in november '05). Then i conditioned with the appleguard conditioner, and then later i sprayed with shining monkey to water protect it. ( i live in a very rainy area)

    I then let it dry and then put it in its dust cover and put it away until today. Today i decide to use it, and the handles do not feel like a nice soft supple leather (like they did before i treated the damn thing) they now feel very waxy and almost gross.

    I am very upset and would like to know a few things. Firstly, WHY does it feel like waxed crap, and second, how do i remedy this without ruining my bag.

    This was my first LV and is very special to me as my DH got it for me, and also i do not have the funds to buy lv all the time like most of you. I probably will never buy another one this is it for me. I have to keep it nice.

    Please help me out! Thanks :smile:
  2. anyone??
  3. Actually, all the leather I treat with Apple Guard condition and spray feels a bit waxy afterward but I don't mind it. The leather still looks beautiful.
  4. hmm, well, at least i'm not the only one. Does it wear off after some time or will it always feel waxy?
  5. How about treating it with: olio di oliva
  6. Shining monkey has a waxy feel - but that's GOOD - it protects the bag, it makes it so water beads off of it.

    Editted to say that the waxy feel does go away after use - that's how you know the shining monkey needs to be reapplied.
  7. the wax is a good thing to have on the handels because it will protect the leather.
  8. I treated mine with Applegarde after using magic eraser and it does have a waxy feel to it. I like the way it feels. I'm not sure if it wears off.
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  10. hmm, ok. thanks guys. I really hate the waxy feel, and before i treated it, i had very rude ppl come up to my bag and feel the leather, and that's how they'd judge if it was real or not. hahah now if they did that they'd assume it's fake.

    Though i'm glad it's protected, as it's very rainy where i am, once it wears off i doubt i'll do it again. I like the feel of a nice soft leather, not yucky wax.
  11. People actually come up to "feel your bag"? wow People just don't respect personal space anymore do they? Thats very bold. Then again when I was pregnant strangers would come up and touch my belly so I guess this is no different...
  12. I've never treated the leather on my bag and I live in a very rainy area. I've never had any problems with the leather. The last time I was out and about downtown, it rained like crazy. My bag got wet, dried spots or other problems.

    I think the waxy feel would bug me, too.
  13. leah, yeah, i'm in the northwest, so it rains alot and when i am caught in the rain, the bag will get wet and first off it dried no problem but later on it started to leave waterspots. grr. i hate waterspots. nothing too dark, but noticable to me.
  14. I tried the magic eraser on my Excentri-Cite before I sold it and didnt see a big difference. I must have been dong something wrong
  15. I just did mine. I seems to take away the obvious dirty areas. It will not clean is 100%. I think its more of a topical clean and then it sort of evens it out? Maybe you would expecting to much from it? I did it lightly. I didnt want to go crazy as I was scared to mess it up.