My Handbag Progression

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  1. I started out years ago buying Coach, Gucci & Fendi. Past several years it has been LV. Now I like Chanel & Bottega Veneta. Notice how your taste changes?
  2. So true. Coach is good quality but I wouldn't wear it if someone gave it to me. I've become a bag snob. I don't live in a place where I can shop freely for the designer luxury brands like Chanel. It becomes a fun challenge for me to locate and buy my next bag. It adds a little bit of spice to my otherwise housewife and mother-of-two life...
  3. I have always liked Chanel... my name is Cristina and since I remember I have loved the 2 Cs of Chanel.
  4. I started with Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Luella and Prada. Now it is only Chanel!
  5. I started out with Coach, then Bally and Ferragamo. Now, it's mainly Chanel with some Gucci and YSL (those damn muse bags sucked me in). But I still love my older bags. i can remember where I was in life when I look at them!
  6. My first designer bag was an LV pochette....but then I had Coach bags too. I've had Prada, Fendi too.......then i got heavily into LV for a few years......but now it's mostly Chanel :tup:

    Although i wouldn't mind a Birkin or two!!!:P
  7. I started off..with YSL,Longchamp,Gucci, Celine,Fendi Ferragamo,LV (wallet-epi),Chanel
  8. I started with LV, Dior, Ferragamo, Mulberry, Coach, Tods, :yes:Escada and now mostly Prada and Chanel.
  9. My Bag progression was balenciaga, chloe and now chanel :biggrin:.....
  10. In order:
    LV, dior, balenciaga, luella, prada, chloe, mulberry, chanel, hermes

    i can't see myself ever carrying some of them anymore though (the Diors and the LVs), but i still love the rest (especially my Chanels :love: )
  11. Wow, all of our "progressions" are quite different! Mine was Prada, LV, Gucci, then Chanel :smile:
  12. Started off with Gucci, Dior. LV and then Chanel and I only carry my Chanel's now- looks more classy
  13. I started with Coach and LV. Then, got my first Chloe and Chanel. Now, I'm obsessing over Chanel.
  14. I started with Dior and LV.. But fell in love with Chanel after a while.. And now.. I only fell for Chanels! And some rare pieces of other handbags' brands.
  15. Dooney and Bourke,Gucci,Coach,LV and now Chanel...still hav the 1st D and B bag I bought in 1981!!