My hair: Before and after

  1. I washed my hair last night, and I did what I usually do: put gel in my damp hair and then braid it.

    I was staring at my reflection in the mirror, and spontaneously decided to snip of the ends of the hair.

    This is before:

    This is after:

  2. LOL you are so cute Caitlin.
  3. Caitlin, I don't see a difference LOL!
  4. ^ I don't see much a different either. :amuse: You look great though! I see your speedy!! ;)
  5. Sorry, it's difficult to take pictures of myself (and I don't know how to use the self-timer yet).

    Before, my hair reached to the . . . uh . . . middle of my chest, and now it reaches the . . . uh . . . top of my chest.
  6. There are some who call me...Tim?
  7. ditto :p
  8. Is this a joke? I don't see a difference either unless I'm going blind. LOL You look great!
  9. I can't see the ends in the first pic to tell the difference, but I LOVE that color on you! :tup:
  10. lol, I think it looks great
  11. looks great
  12. I can't notice the difference either, although your hair looks like it's redder in the "after" shots. I had to go back and reread the post to make sure I saw the word "snip" and not "dye" LOL

    You have such a pretty face - a bit like Meryl Streep, or that chick from Californication (the ex-wife) - such high cheekbones!
  13. looks great!
  14. I didn't see the difference either but its due to the pics I guess. You are brave though to cut your own hair, lol
  15. Thanks, everyone!

    Here's a better shot . . . .