my grey chanel reissue 227

  1. I bought this bag and it sits in its box with the tags still on it. I haven't even found one opportunity where I wanted to carry it rather that another bag. I have the black medium classic flap that I carry when I need chanel at night and my day bags are all more casual. Should I return this bag to Saks now and forget about it or should I just start carrying it and then I may carry it even more once I break for the first time. Do you sometimes just look at bags never to carry them but don't want to take them back because they are so hard to find. thanks
  2. I was like you about the grey. I got it because everyone raved about it sooooo much. But when I got it, I was kinda "oh ok"--it was shipped out to me. I ended up returning mine. The grey just didn't do it for me--is that how you feel? Or is it the whole style?

    I got the "new" Reissue in black with silver hardware. Although I'm storing it away for the Fall so I won't be tempted to buy another bag, I love it so much more than the grey :P

    You might want to consider getting it in black if you love the style... I know there's one on ebay that's being sold by a PF'er and it's authentic and brand new...
  3. I don't know. I have the grey in medium, and I really love it. I do use it, too. It sounds as though you might not be so in love with yours, though -- maybe you should return it and put the $s towards another bag?
  4. if you're not dying to carry it, it's not doing you any good IMO ;)
  5. I agree!
  6. Ditto
  7. Actually I also only used my grey 226 once, I do love the color, the leather and the whole look a lot, and grey works totally fine in my wardrobe, but I always tend to pick other chanel bags because i either 1) need a bigger bag to fit more stuff, or 2) going to some places that I worry will get the leather scratched, or 3) think the bag is kinda heavy and the chain strap is not as comfortable to carry on shoulder as other chanel classic flaps with the leather interwined the chain straps. BUT I still want to keep it and I do think I will use it more during winter time since the grey color works better with my winter clothes and my shoulder doesn't feel as uncomfortable if i carry the chain strap with the thicker jacket/coat on as a "buffer" for my shoulder, you know what I mean?
  8. i've carried my grey 225maybe 2-3x, but definitely fewer times than my balenciagas. i love my reissue SO much though; i would never ever sell it.
    i think if you love it, keep it. but you have serious doubts, return and get something you'll use.
  9. For a bag that cost 2K, you really should love it. I am carrying my gray medium today. I love the gray color, but I love my black/gold a tad more.
  10. I definitely agree that you should really love it for itself -- don't keep it just because it's a collector's item or a rarity.
  11. I have the gray 226 and while I haven't used it yet it's a definite keeper. For me I find it a tad too small for my daily needs, so I've been using my black 227 instead.
  12. thanks everyone. I think I'll call my SA and see if she can find me something else like a reporter or a tote. I think one classic flap is good enough for me. I can always find it again on ebay if I change my mind next year.
  13. if you do not love it, return it. a stunning bag like that should be loved and used. it is not for everyone, so do not feel bad for not loving it. think of what bags you can that that you will really love for that amount of money.