My Grapefruit Slice Coin Purse is here!

  1. And it is GOOD! Perfect condition, adorable, AND the seller refunded a dollar (inside the purse, of course) because the shipping was less than expected. I am SO glad that I found mine before this new one on eBay that is now up to $154!!! Pics to come shortly...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Congrats, very pretty.
  4. Oooohhhhhh, so, so, so, cute!!! I'm whimpering a little bit right now :p
  5. Congratulations on your new coin purse. I have that one and I love it.
  6. That is adorable. The one on eBay is now up to $190.00.

    I wish I hadn't seen that one. It makes me want one.

    This forum is so bad for me, but I love it!
  7. I lOVE this!!!! So summery and yummy!
  8. WOW, great piece and a good price to boot
    OMG the one on eBay went for 240? WHY?
  9. Is this the one you got for $25.00?!:wtf:

    And the lanyard on it...its all...

  10. omg that is sooooooo cute!
  11. OMG that is SO cute!!!! I want one!
  12. It's adorable! Congrats!!
  13. very cute. I hope to add one of the cute coin purses to my collection. Still waiting on a deal. I hope one will come along someday.
  14. Was this the buy-it-now for $25? What a great deal! I am so jealous, I had the one that went for $240 on my watch list.
  15. wow!! I love this so much - the colors are my favorite! and, it is perfect for spring and summer. plus! it looks fab with your keyfob. great find!