My girls have been stalking this bad boy allllll morning!!

  1. This Iguana lives in our backyard and LOVES to tease my 2 girls. Its been so fun watching them dance around each other this morning!
    pics 515.jpg
  2. haha oh wow! That dude is huge!
  3. Oh gawd!!! Be careful. Two weekends ago my little girl chased one (smaller thank God) INTO the house and it decided that the best place to hang was behind the fridge. We had just sat down to eat when all hell broke loose. We had to move the fridge, then the stove to chase it gross. :throwup:
  4. ^^ROFL! I have this mental picture....

    where do you live sunshine? FL?
  5. I would probaly run screaming ot of the house if I saw a Igunia run from behind my fridge , but I live in MI and lizard in the house are not normal

    Where do you live ? I can't imagine things like that in my back yard
  6. Iguana!!!??? We don't have them here, and I think I'm glad.
  7. OMG!!! That is hilarious, I'm sorry, but I can just imagine it!
  8. Wow, that's pretty big.
    I don't really like reptiles...thank god we don't have any here.
  9. NO fear of it getting in the house!! lol unless it can climb lots of stairs and open my sliders! lol (I live in Fl)
  10. ^^^lucky you...
  11. I think it's cute
  12. How adorable!!
  13. Not a huge fan of slimy, lizardy, green things...but glad your pups are having fun w/ it!
  14. Something this big and lizard-like anywhere near to me would completely freak me out! We used to get big goannas in Australia, and they gave me the heeby jeebies.
  15. well, they are harmless in my book...however, talk to me about a scorpian...(faints)