My girls are back!

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  1. Today I welcomed Ms Kelly and Ms Evelyne back from their trip to the spa in Paris.
    They're beautiful! Ms Evelyne's leather (Clemence or Vachette Ardenne... I can't really tell....) had had a dry feel to it and now it's fresh again.
    Ms Kelly (box) feels like silk now. The leather feels and looks nurtured. She was showing some signs of ageing on the underside of the handles - all gone now.
    It was expensive - cost me 150 Euros PER BAG but was totally worth it. They came back pristine in sleepers (the orange 'old' ones) and Ms Kelly had the plastic balloons inside.
    The only thing that I could kick myself about is that I had some friends pick them up in Vienna, as I could have had them mailed to me and would have had two beautiful orange boxes with them :nuts: .
    I'll take pics tomorrow. I am so glad they're home for the holidays :love: .
  2. oooh congrats :smile:
  3. wow! yeppie I'm glad they came back for the holidays
    and hello I'ld love to see some before and after spa pics! I've never taken mine into the spas but I'ld love to know how the difference is!

    Congrats on their coming back home!
  4. Are your stilling taking the frauleins to Berlin?
  5. Welcome home, Ms Kelly and Ms Evelyne!
  6. Yes very much so! Ms Kelly will definitely go and most likely Ms Evelyne as well.
  7. Ahhh, nothing like a trip to the spa...

    Can you post pre and post pics please!!
  8. Holy Moly! Glad the ladies made it home safe and sound!

    Seriously?! If I send my girl to NY for a spa treatment, she'll come back in an orange box?! That's it - she's heading to the big city...
  9. Ms Twilly, I think it's only if the girls are going to Paris (where mine had been as there is no Hermes spa in Austria).
    Plus I had agreed initially that the shop would ship them to me (would have cost the same) and I would *assume* that they would ship in an orange box. But then friends of mine were in Vienna and picked them up for me.
    I'd much prefer having them serviced somewhere near me.
  10. Ohhh, Okay... I won't rush her out the door quite yet then...
  11. Ooh congrats, can't wait to see the fresh leather...
  12. Oh congratulations.
    Do show up pictures.
  13. oh so happy they are back.. would love to see the pics.. do enjoy them hello....
  14. Pics!!! Glad your babies are back!
  15. Yes, pics would be lovely!