My furry family

  1. These are some of my beautiful animals that i wanted to show you all.

    The first one in Molly she is a rescue cat and is about 14/15 years old, I have only had just over a year.:heart:
    second is Tommy 5 years old had since he was 8 weeks.
    third is Lizzy again rescue she is 8 years old rescued her from a home were the children were throwing her up against walls by her tail, she was only a tiny kitten about 6 weeks old and her little face and nose were badly smashed.:heart:
    fourth Candy 11 years had since she was 12 weeks, she really has changed my life forever!!!!!!!:nuts::heart:
    Rosie is my beautiful Sammy (samoyed) and she is 9 years, had since she was 10 weeks old.:heart:
    I also have tortiseshell twin sisters they are 18 months old one of them is in the picture of my avator.:heart:
    IMG_1135.JPG IMG_1138.JPG IMG_1139.JPG IMG_1141_2.JPG IMG_1149.JPG
  2. What a lovely family! :love: They are all adorable. Esp Lizzy, poor dear, at least she is lucky to have such a great home now. You have a truly beautiful heart to rescue all of these animals. :yes:
  3. Oh, what a lovely family! You just can't ever have enough pets in my opinion. Did I count correctly? Does that makes six cats and one gorgeous doggie?:tup:
  4. awwww so cute!!!
  5. What a cute family!
  6. beautiful family!!
  7. I love all of your fur babies!:love:
    Kudos to you for rescuing alot of them and giving them a loving and safe home.
  8. How adorable!
  9. You have beautiful fur kids. Rescue cats are the best. as for those kids....:mad:
    I am happy to hear they all have a great home now with you.
  10. what a sweet family!
  11. Very cute family!
  12. Wow!! Your furry babies are really adorable!!
  13. Your family is gorgeous!!!

    Is Tommy a cat? I know black pets are difficult to photograph--it always cracks me up when I try to take pics of our black dogs, and we end up with these black shapes--sometimes just eyes!

    Thank you for sharing the cuteness!
  14. Thankyou everybody for all your kind comments.

    Yes snowwhite Tommy:heart: is a cat, I think he looks abit like a large hairy spider in that photo, he is actually a very large persian, who at this present moment is laying on my bed at the side of me trying to get inside a carrier bag that is far too small and he is ripping the hell out of it.:lol:
  15. They are all so gorgeous!!! Bless you for getting rescue animals.