My FUN Fendi B!

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  1. My Fendi B bag arrived and I love it! :love:The blue is so fun....I saw the linen and red patent Fendi B in Selfridges today which is very cute too. I also saw the "puffa" spies which I wasn't too keen on. They had bright red, bright green and black....The spy looks so much better in leather IMO. Still, I can't wait till the new season stock comes in! :graucho:
    fendipic1.jpg fendipic2.jpg
  2. :heart: it!
  3. WOW...gorgeous!!!!!! I LOVE that bag...and what a fun twist with the blue! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  4. would you say the B bag is quite easy to carry/use? I am thinking of getting one
  5. Love it!
  6. Love your B Bag....I want one too!!!!:yahoo:
  7. love the blue!
  8. Thanks Girls!:heart:

    I would say it is easy to carry, but if you're carrying it on the shoulder it's a little tight with a thick jacket. You should go try one on and see how it looks! I think it's a bag which can be dressed up or down. Let us know how you get on!
  9. WOW! the blue is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! loves it!! congratulations!! its defitnely a statement piece!!!

    missbradshaw- the fendi B is a really nice day time bag (if u just carry the essentials, like wallet, phone, powder, gum) but it would not fit a water bottle, umbrella, or anything big. also, if u wear a thick coat (and i do, bc the winters in NYC are brutal) it would not fit comfortably under ur shoulders..probably best to wear it on the crook of ur arm..which is quite stylish as well!!!
  10. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  11. HI! i am new to the fendi part of this whole forum but i just wanted to say that that bag is BEAUTIFUL....great choice....that color blue is perfect!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  12. Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous bag! I LOVE the blue.
  13. That Bag is Stunning! Wowzer! Good for you! Congrats!:P
  14. Congrats.
  15. OMG! It's sooooo cute! I hope they'll make the linen bbags in darker shades as I can't handle white/cream bags! Congratulations sweetie! It's a BEAUTY!