My First. . .

  1. I need some help with choosing my very first high-end designer handbag.

    What would/did you choose if it were to be your first BIG handbag purchase?

    I am leaning more towards Balenciaga and to be style specific, the City.

    As far as colors, I always caress the Irish Green 'City'...but what do you think of that as a "first?" Should I go for a traditional black or brown?

    I have a fair amount of name-brand bags but nothing super high end. I'd prefer to stay away from LV.

    I appreciate any advice or suggestions on braking my handbag cherry! :heart:
  2. Go for the one that you would love for a very long time...
    if you like the Irish green (which I also think is gorgeous!) then go for it!:tup:
    you can always buy the traditional ones later:graucho:
  3. Hi! My first premier designer bag was a Balenciaga greige day. I think Balenciaga is a great choice because the styles are relatively simple, the colour choice is fabulous, and the leather is TDF. :heart: The city is also a very practical size. Irish green is also great. If you like it, go for it!
  4. Thank you for your input, ladies!

    Maybe either of you can answer this question for me:

    Is the City aka Motorcycle? ? ? I am so confused about this. Either they both are somewhat similar or I have it all wrong.

  5. I think if you decide to buy a Balenciaga, you should definitely educate yourself in the Balenciaga subforum. There is a very handy reference library.

    In general, I believe the style of bag you are interested in is "motorcycle-esqe". Most people refer to that type of bag by their names - first, city, work, weekender, day, etc.

    Definitely check out the subforum, and good luck!
  6. I've been reading the reference library but your comment about different names was really helpful. I am now down to two styles and two different colors. :tup: